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We create and implement cyber technologies of sales
for systematic commiting of your company sales plan


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Your ideal sales department

neuron training
Salesmen will be able to adapt to your domain in 1 day and commit the KPI in first month
neuron training
If you implement our system, your salesmen would be able to use 35-50 technics of sales, instead 3-5, which usually are kept in mind

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Who is the service for?

B2B sales neuron

More than 500 companies already work with us

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You need NEURON if:

Benefits neuron
  • - Managers do not fulfill the sales plan.
  • - It is difficult to recruit and train new managers.
  • - There is no accurate record of the pay of managers.
  • - Many calls, few sales (Low sales conversion)
  • - Managers do not increase the average check, do not make additional sales
  • - They do not work with objections, the client says he will think, he will type and not type.
  • - Sales manager's low efficiency
  • - Reduce the deal cycle time.

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Frequantly asked questions

neuron вопрос IS THIS a CRM system?
"NEURON" can be effectively applied independently, without CRM.
It can also be integrated into popular CRM systems:
zoho crm, self-written CRM, ip-telephony, and others.
neuron вопрос Can you write me a sales script?
Can. We will conduct a personal Audit for you, study your sales system, set goals, define goals for each script. We will analyze your target audience, your competitive advantages, the level of your staff, your market share. We will take into account everything that can be useful in communication and will influence the client’s decision to buy.
neuron вопрос Do you have a report of calls for each day?
This service has an automated call control system that allows you to show how many calls each manager made, segmented according to which script he called his clients. The effectiveness of calls in numbers by categories of success, transfer, rejection. In the detailed report, you can see how long the conversation with each client went on, and the log for each script!

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